Green Living


We recognize that being environmentally-conscious not only makes the world a better place for our future generations, but also helps to reduce costs, as well as promote good-will with our customers and employees.

As we have taken steps within our company to reduce the residual footprint of excessive paper use by converting routine business documents to electronic formats, we have also reduced energy consumption by replacing regular light bulbs with energy-efficient lighting in our offices and apartment homes, installing timer switches where applicable, utilizing recycling bins and installing water-saving toilets and fixtures throughout our properties. Many of the exterior lights in our communities have also been changed over to more energy-efficient fixtures that last longer and use up to 35% less energy.

ALONG WITH THESE EFFORTS, we have started programs at our communities to encourage “Going Green” by offering electronic processing of rent payments, electronic communication, readily available HVAC filters to change on a monthly basis in their home, and recycling bins near community trash facilities. Laundry rooms are also being converted to water saving machines and energy efficient lighting. Also on board with our internal efforts, our vendor partners are utilizing products and materials that are more eco-friendly, which support our overall effort to “Go Green”. We have had a great response from our residents and employees alike and are happy to be a part of creating a better, cleaner environment for our future.