One of the guiding principles of MAXX Properties is its belief in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. MAXX is a “for profit” company, but our spirit lies in management’s desire to share those profits with its associates and its neighbors.

For more than a decade, MAXX associates have set aside a day each year—MAXX Day—to go out into the local communities in each region to volunteer our services to help our neighbors. Highly successful and anticipated, MAXX Day is truly a wonderful event in which employees and communities country-wide take great pride in being involved.

SINCE 2008, MAXX has also offered college and technical school scholarships to the children of its associates. Scholarships are available to help graduates with books, tuition, travel expenses, etc. Associates themselves who are interested may also be eligible for career-related education benefits.
MAXX also reaches out to its extended family with The MAXX Properties Family Resource Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to assist in supporting the extra-curricular activities of the children of MAXX’s employees whether in arts or sports, or fees for school trips. As a company, we have always reached out to help in our local communities, but our MAXX Family is the most important community we serve. Through the MAXX Family Resource Fund we hope to ease the burden of saying “yes” to a child's request to participate in (extra cost) extra-curricular activities.